Friday, September 19, 2003

Sometimes the other side wins, others you just lose on your own. The GOP is out to lose both WH and both houses following their apparently irresistable predeliction for overreaching.

Case in point: Partial Birth Abortions

A huge majority supports a ban on these in the last trimester, but in their zeal (not unlike a poker player with 4 aces who decides to draw for the royal flush), they're extending their bill. As NYT notes,

"A Deceptive Abortion Ban
It now looks likely that in the coming weeks, President Bush will sign into law a ban on so-called partial birth abortion, thereby culminating a long campaign of deception. The measure, which has been constantly misrepresented as limited to late-term abortions, would in fact ban common abortion procedures used after the first trimester of pregnancy but well before fetal viability.

... anyone who has actually paid attention to the bill's fine print understands it is impossible to support both the bill and Roe v. Wade. The measure's deceptively sweeping wording, would, in effect, overturn Roe by criminalizing many midterm abortions and by omitting any exception to protect the health of the woman.

These are precisely the defects that led to the Supreme Court's rejection of the Nebraska statute. But that does not seem to trouble the measure's backers, starting with President Bush. Their actions show a troubling disrespect not just for the rights of women, but also for truth, and the rule of law."

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