Sunday, April 04, 2004

Adventures in Iraq VI -- we HAD a plan

Turns out there WAS planning for post-war Iraq but the folks that brought us the Bad Intel Lab (aka OSP) chose to ignore them and bet the house on Chalabi ...

'The Bush administration planned for the invasion of Iraq, but not for its post-war occupation. That assertion has been repeated so often by the president's critics that it has become a political clichĐ“©. But it is not correct.

There was plenty of planning for the post-war occupation at senior levels throughout government, says Col. Tom Gross, who was chief planner for Lt. General Jay M. Garner, director of the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance, and then-chief of staff for Ambassador Paul Bremer, Coalition Provisional Authority administrator.

'There was a plan,' said Gross, who is retiring from the military. 'The administration chose not to accept it. Their plan was to put [Iraqi exile] Ahmed Chalabi in charge and run with it.'

...Fail to plan, plan to fail

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