Monday, June 28, 2004

With the economy hitting on at least 6 or 7 cylinders and Iraq out of ICU

think what Shrub's polling numbers will look like in 3 months if he's already even now...

WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) -- ...A newly released CBS News poll shows Kerry and Bush running neck-and-neck just a month after the Massachusetts senator held an eight point lead over the president.

Still, Bush's overall approval ratings are close to all-time lows. Slightly more than half of Americans -- 51 percent -- now disapprove of the way Bush is doing his job, while 42 percent approve of his performance. These ratings are almost unchanged from 52 percent and 41 percent recorded one month ago.

The nationwide poll was conducted in a telephone survey of 1,053 adults from Wednesday through Sunday, before news of the early transfer of sovereignty for Iraq, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. Read the entire poll.

On the economy, 58 percent of Americans believe the economy is in "good" shape, compared to 52 percent in late May. Forty-one percent believe it is in "bad" shape, down from 47 percent in late May. Thirty percent of Americans believe the economy is "getting better," up from 25 percent a month earlier.


Despite the early transfer of power, Americans are still pessimistic about progress in Iraq. Forty percent think things are "going well" in Iraq, compared to 60 percent a year ago. And 57 percent believe things are "going badly" in Iraq, compared to 36 percent a year ago.

Asked whether the result of the war was worth the cost, in both dollars and human life, about one-third of Americans said it was "worth it." Sixty percent of respondents said it was "not worth it." That's roughly unchanged from last month.

About 48 percent of respondents said the United States "did the right thing" in Iraq, while 46 percent said it did not. That's roughly unchanged from April and down sharply from December."

... hell, he won't even need to purge a few voters, much less activate the Diebold Trapdoor.

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