Friday, July 02, 2004

Are they really hiding something or just a pack of stubborn, mule-headed fools?...

'Nearly a year after first requesting documents related to the Air Force's planned multi-billion dollar deal to acquire Boeing KC-767 refueling tankers, John McCain is still unhappy with the Pentagon's response, according to a Senate aide. While the Pentagon has turned over some documents and offered to arrange restricted viewing of others, the DoD has never fully complied with the McCain's requests, according to an aide. 'This matter of the documents had been elevated to Senate leadership,' the aide said. In September of that year, McCain made a new request seeking internal communications between Michael Wynne, the Pentagon's acting acquisition chief, and James Roche, the Air Force secretary. While McCain initially made his request as chairman of the SAC, the issue eventually was handed over to the SASC. SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld replied formally to SASC last month, saying that the Pentagon would allow the relevant oversight committees to view some internal correspondence. However, he placed restrictions on which documents could be reviewed, and would not allow the members to have their own copies. McCain said the Pentagon's offer was unacceptable. The documents issue continues to cause problems for the Pentagon's civilian leadership. McCain has placed a hold on all civilian nominations to Pentagon positions until the issue is resolved. (Defense Daily) "

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Anonymous said...

It has puzzled me. I can only conclude that McCain wants Airbus to get the contract to build refuelers.
Maybe he has secret plans to get them to build a plant in Arizona.