Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Don't cry for Natalie

She's going to a better place ...

'Every day a soldier dies, I am more proud that I spoke out. For the last three years, I am at a loss for words as to... what this country is. Who we are. I really think people have just gone insane. And they think we've gone insane. I think it's sad that you have to truly seek out the truth these days, because CNN and Fox News don't give it to you. So you can't really point a finger at individuals, because it's exhausting to seek out fact from fiction. I used to try and make sense of it but when Bush got reelected, I just didn't know what to do. Keep livin'. It's gotta change back. Politics ? I just think it's all corrupt. The entire country is controlled by money. And I think that's what people feel, their voice isn't heard. They don't have a say. It's corporate America.'

... No, Natalie, it DOESN'T have to change back. Things are always darkest just before they go completely black."

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