Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The most important political story?

The most important political story in America
is that its government — distressingly like those under assault in a
dozen nations across the globe — has become almost entirely unresponsive
to the nation’s needs and its citizens’ concerns. It’s become
profoundly corrupt, representing only the needs of the richest of the
rich and the interests of corporate oligarchs, and uncaring about
everyone else. And there’s virtually no check on this accelerating
decline in governmental accountability.

Not a single important problem that really matters to most Americans is
being addressed, let alone responsibly, in Congress or those Biden
meetings. All of the sound and fury in the nation’s capital that pundits
think are “news” is just posturing over things that are not, and never
have been, actual problems, let alone crises. And even for those
contrived issues, the “solutions” being considered are completely at
odds with the wishes of the American people — which is why the
discussions are happening behind closed doors.

... I think we'll move the deck chairs to the port side today.

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