Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Single-Issue Advocate of the Year
Finalists: Michele Malkin, Joel Mowbray, William Safire, Andrew Sullivan.

And the winner is... Paul Krugman.

in Britain they have a parliamentary opposition but here we don't need that; we have Krugman.

Columnist of the Year
Finalists: David Brooks of the Times, Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune, William Kristol of the Weekly Standard.

And the winner is... Thomas Friedman.

A better award is rarely given... He tells about recently asking the editor of Ha'aretz why they run his column. "You're the only optimist we have," the editor replies.

Blogger of the Year
The finalists:
: Mickey Kaus, "a pioneer blogger who helped set the tone for the medium: sly, wry, knowing, and head of the news."
: Gawker, "a snarky New York-centric blog that snipes at big shots in media, politics, and showbiz -- has reinvigorated the stale art of gossip."
: Volokh, "a libertarian collective that excels at analyzing legal, political, and academic trends."
: Winds of Change, "always thoughtful, thorough, and full of links to things you'd probably never see on your own."

: And the winner for Blogger of the year is... Joshua Micah Marshall, author of TalkingPointsMemo.

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