Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Revolt of the Gens (ret) redux

My good friend responds:

My take: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Besides, at least one of the generals turned down a 3rd star to retire, which is not chump change.

Sure it's the Commander in Chief's fault, but he's not up for re-election this time (more's the pity). With a little luck maybe the Demos can take control of the House of Representatives and impeach the son of a bitch. Not that the Senate would convict, but the late "great" Tom Delay showed us that you can make your point just by impeaching the president, and all you really need is a majority in the House of Representatives who will vote for Impeachment.

It's way overdue for the Military wing of the Republican Party to speak up. Now if the Fiscal conservatives in the Republican party would just grow some balls, we might hope to scale back tax cuts for the rich in order to trim the deficit just a tiny bit. (Fat chance).

Finally, Hypocracy is the life blood of politics. Note, for example that the same Republicans who were SHOCKED, SHOCKED that Clinton might lie about a dalliance with an Intern, indignantly say that Scooter Libby hasn't been charged with releasing classified information, but only with lying to a Grand Jury. (Note that they also almost elected Ollie North to the Senate a few years ago, after he boasted about lying to Congress about a little privately financed war, financed by trading arms for hostages with the Iranians [aka axis of evil member in good standing]).

to which I must reply, Retaking control of the gov't at this point is a sucker play. Whoever is in power when the tsunami of fecal matter really hits the rotating air circulation device will be permanently saddled with the smell by the suddenly irate electorate. Better to wait for the inevitable denouement and the day the ignamorati finally demand a change. I'd even go so far as to say the elections are crooked and we're not running anyone in '08.

Hypocrisy may be the life blood but it doesn't make it either right or (more to the point) smart in the long run. Just like lying for convenience, eventually the loss in credibility causes more trouble than the temporary convenience was worth. Look at the world's view of the US now: We've already lost the war for the hearts and minds of the mainstream Muslims just by lying about the justification for war -- the islamofascists can blame the CIA for every bad thing that happens and no amount of denials or evidence to the contrary will dissuade the arab street.


PS: Fun With English Nouns:
* Hypocrite: one who exhibits the characteristic of hypocrisy
* Hypocrisy: the characteristic trait of the hypocrite
* Hypocracy: gov't by hypocrites, presumably

... How's that working for ya?

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