Sunday, May 30, 2004

Mission Accomplished

The bad guys chalk up another one...

"May 30 (Bloomberg) -- Saudi Arabian security forces stormed a housing compound in the Persian Gulf city of Khobar, freeing hostages held by militants who were surrounded after a shooting spree yesterday, a U.S. embassy spokesman said.

The troops this morning rescued 25 hostages at the Oasis compound, a residential complex for foreign workers, Agence France- Presse reported. Nine of the captives were killed when they tried to escape during the night, the news service said, citing one of the former hostages.

The U.S. embassy in the capital, Riyadh, called on its nationals to leave the country. ``It's the bad guys that choose the time-table,'' embassy spokesman Bob Keith said.

The departure of foreigners would rob Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil producer, of workers it relies on to provide technical and managerial expertise for its oil industry and other businesses."

... when do we get off the oil crack pipe?

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