Friday, May 14, 2004

Republican Case for Kerry

Essentially the Republican Case for Kerry is three-fold:

1. FAITH-BASED FISCAL POLICY: Mountainous deficits extended over enough years eventually have long term consequences. Not only do interest rates rise, the payments on the national debt will rise to truly ruinous levels. (Granted this is a shared problem with Congress, but Bush has not shown the slightest understanding of economic fundamentals.)

2. FAITH-BASED FOREIGN POLICY: In two years we managed to piss away in less than two years the largest store of international goodwill ever gifted to a nation. Regardless of whether you see the Iraq War as a worthwhile endeavor, the willful disregard of dissenting voices in the Pentagon and the clear absence of thoughtful planning should tell you that a regime change is needed here.

3. ONE-PARTY RULE: Despite the surge of satisfaction at seeing the Dimmocreeps tossed out on their keisters, we're already seeing the effects of unrestrained GOP rule in terms of budgets (the GOP Congressional budget proposal provides an even bigger deficit than Bush's!), corporate welfare programs like the Medicare drug plan, congressional oversight of the executive branch (which admittedly has improved considerably of late), and court appointments -- given Four More Years, we'll have to deal with 3 more Scalia clones looking down from the bench for THIRTY MORE. That kind of imbalance is inherently dangerous to a pluralistic society.

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