Monday, October 06, 2003


Anyone can predict the future ...

Predictions Dept:

1. There will be no Independent Counsel (even though Janet Reno is out there, tanned, rested, and ready) looking into Novak's sources. Susan McDougal's old cell is available but nobody will spend an hour in it.

2. Ahnold will be the next governor of CA.

And I can see dimly through the mists, by next November...

3. The next recall petition will be certified, possibly in time for the March primary.

4. Iraq will be out of intensive care and showing enough signs of stability that at least one division will be boarding ships for home.

5. The US economy will be distinctly in recovery (with higher plant utilization, strong GDP numbers, but precious little movement in unemployment and a deficit bigger than '03).

6. Tony Blair will survive a vote of no confidence. Labor will keep its hold on to a solid majority.

7. The Democrats will eschew anyone with cross-party appeal and insist on nominating an ideological pure candidate.

8. That won't prevent some well-intentioned 3rd party bleephead from siphoning off a point or two anyway.

9. In the end, the Dimmocrat will be outspent by Dubya by over $100 M, but still manage to keep it close. They may even hold W to less than 300 electoral votes and pick up a few seats in Congress, but not enough to break the GOP's chokehold.

10. The first recount involving touch screen voting will make people long for the days of hanging chad.

...But accurately predicting the future is tougher. Your guess is as good as mine.

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