Sunday, October 19, 2003

Walls are inconvenient. Terror is something else altogether.

To listen to the plight of Pals in Jerusalem you'd never know there was a problem with sharing the city with Jews, much less that their culture was waging war on their neighbors with persistent unspeakable horrors of terrorism :

'I am a Jerusalem resident. It is not fair,' Kamel Suran, 56, a Palestinian grocer, said on a recent day as he pushed himself through the portal to the Arab neighborhood El Eizariyeh, clutching a bag of medicines for his kidney condition that he had just picked up on the official Israeli side. 'This is all Jerusalem.'

'This is unacceptable,' said Surkhi, a tribal judge who has Jerusalem residency. 'I will be in the West Bank and they will be in Jerusalem. I was born in Jerusalem. We are all Jerusalem residents. How can they take that away?',0,2353649.story?coll=ny-worldnews-headlines

... cry me a fucking river.

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