Sunday, November 09, 2003

Blueprint for a Mess

Why some pubs aren't exactly happy campers...

1. Getting In Too Deep With Chalabi
2. Shutting Out State
3. Too Little Planning, Too Late
4. The Troops: Too Few, Too Constricted
5. Neglecting ORHA
6. Ignoring the Shiites

Whether the United States is eventually successful in Iraq (and saying the mission 'has to succeed,' as so many people do in Washington, is not a policy but an expression of faith), even supporters of the current approach of the Coalition Provisional Authority concede that the United States is playing catch-up in Iraq. This is largely, though obviously not entirely, because of the lack of postwar planning during the run-up to the war and the mistakes of the first 60 days after the fall of Saddam Hussein. And the more time passes, the clearer it becomes that what happened in the immediate aftermath of what the administration calls Operation Iraqi Freedom was a self-inflicted wound, a morass of our own making.

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