Saturday, November 22, 2003

The wadical white wing of the Weapublican Pahty & Healthcare "Reform"

Politics - World - s.f. bayarea forums - craigslist: "The wadical white wing of the Weapublican Pahty < RoughJustice > 11/22 20:11:23

has left the reservation again, trying to slam through their halfbaked version of health care reform...

'White House officials have spent the entire day on the phone trying to coax votes out of Democrats.
Remember what a cow many of these same people had over the secrecy and complexity of the Clinton health care plan in 1994? Well, the Medicare bill is 600-pages long. And buried in those 600 pages are all sorts of changes thrown in at the last minute, during meetings of a secret conference committee that included just two Democrats--one who votes like Republicans on Medicare (John Breaux) and one who lacks the backbone to defend his party's positions (Max Baucus).

Where's the outrage now?

... sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, boys. Bad form.

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