Saturday, November 08, 2003

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition: "The Palestinian death cult negates all the assumptions of western sentimental pacifism: If only the vengeful old generals got out of the way, there'd be no war. But such common humanity as one can find on the West Bank resides, if only in their cynicism, in the leadership: old Arafat may shower glory and honor on his youthful martyrs but he's human enough to keep his own kid in Paris, well away from the suicide-bomber belts. It's hard to picture Saeb Erekat or Hanan Ashrawi or any of the other aging terror apologists who hog the airwaves at CNN and the BBC celebrating the death of their own loved ones the way Miss Jaradat's brother did. 'We are receiving congratulations from people,' said Thaher Jaradat. 'Why should we cry? It is like her wedding day, the happiest day for her.' "

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