Monday, November 10, 2003

Veterans Day

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. How soon we forget.

In his History of the First World War, J. P. Taylor gives the following figures (loss of life):

USA 114,095
British Empire 251,900
Turkey 375,000
Italy 460,000
Great Britain 761,213
Austria-Hungary 1,100,000
France 1,358,000
Russia 1,700,000
Germany 2,000,000
Total Military Loss of Life 8,120,208
Total Civilian Loss of Life 8,742,296

In terms of losses (military) this amounted to 5,509 per day. That's the equivalent of 3 Vietnam Wars every single month for 4 solid years.

It quickly became known as the War to End All Wars, making war simply unthinkable among civilized men.

Then 20 years later they did it again. Mother of God, what a ghastly nightmare."

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