Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Bush was AWOL, blows the story.

Reviewing the facts you've cited in refutation of the claims of Bush's desertion, you fail to point out that the facts cited not only do not refute the claim that he was AWOL, they actually SUPPORT the claim that Bush was AWOL for at least 7 months!

Look at these beauties --

"...Records are lacking for that period. However, The Associated Press quoted two friends who worked with Bush in the Blount campaign as saying they recall him attending Air National Guard drills in Alabama. Joe Holcombe, described as a former Republican county chairman in Alabama, was quoted as saying, "It was pretty well-known that he was in the Guard while we worked on the campaign." And Emily Martin, who said she had dated Bush during the campaign, was quoted saying, "He told us that he was having to do his Guard duty in Alabama while he worked on the campaign."

--- note that neither friend says anything about SEEING him report for duty, just that Bush said he was ASSIGNED there.

Further on, you quote other news organizations' conclusions. None of those quotes cite any evidence Bush reported for duty during the missing months. In fact, the NYT shows Bush was IN FACT not present for 7 months straight:

"...A review by The Times showed that after a seven-month gap, he appeared for duty in late November 1972 at least through July 1973." Excuse me, ARE WE ALL READING THE SAME STORY HERE?

Who's in charge of editing these pieces? This one smells of old whitewash.

... do you think he'll respond?

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