Sunday, February 22, 2004

Can Nader Tap the Anger of the Dean Machine?

Can he tap in? Of course he can, at least to the tune of a couple of
percentage points, which is all Dubya needs. The problem is that by
giving another term to Dubya, Nader guarantees 3 more far right seats
on the Supreme Court and the continued favorable treatment of oil by
a one-party government of the kleptocrats, by the kleptocrats, and
for the kleptocrats.

The upshot of Nader's quixotic repeat of his self-defeating 2000
effort will be to ensure that the looting of our natural resources
will accelerate beyond anything we've seen in living memory. This is
going to the Mother of All Self-Inflicted Wounds.

Having seen the catastrophic results of his last run, how could
anyone in their right mind turn around and do it again? Do Greens
really see no difference between Dubya and the Dems?

I guess I'm not surprised, simply appalled.

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