Tuesday, February 03, 2004

a confederacy of dunces

Has there ever been a confederacy of dunces deeper into denial than the fiscal conservatives of the GOP? I mean, c'mon guys! You have to draw the line SOMEWHERE! We're gonna be forking over TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR JUST TO PAY THE INTEREST ON DUBYA'S DEFICITS! If he were a Democrat, we'd be drafting the articles of impeachment by now.

I know I'm repeating myself, but as Friedman (no raving libber he) notes:

"The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office says the deficit is expected to total some $2.4 trillion over the next decade — almost $1 trillion more than the prediction of just five months ago. That is a failure of intelligence and common sense that threatens to make us all insecure — and people also feel that in their guts...
"Is your future better off now than it was four years ago — now that you are saddled with these large new liabilities and the higher taxes that must eventually accompany them?' "

...expose what the shameful coalition of Karl Rove-led cynics, who care only about winning the next election; voodoo economists preaching supply-side economics; and libertarian nuts who think that by cutting tax revenues you'll shrink the government — when all you do is balloon the deficit — is doing to our future."


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